Transforming a Big Yellow School Bus into a Cozy Home

transformed school bus
Written by Tiffany

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to go back to my roots of living off the land in the country. But lately it’s become a small obsession! I am thrilled to see people finding unconventional ways of living and what they call home. I adore tiny homes and think its such a good option to live mortgage free. Less is more and simplifying your life will lead to less stress and more happiness, I can say from experience. I can’t wait to one day have a tiny home on the lake with a great big vegetable garden and chickens running around.

school bus home transformation

While researching tiny homes I have come across a group of people that renovate and transform big yellow school buses into beautiful on the go homes. Then a light bulb went off! This could be our project and our tiny home on wheels! Trevor looked at me a little crazy at the thought of living in a bus and said “of all people I would have never thought you’d say that! You have way too many clothes!” However, once he saw the amazing job that people have done to decorate theirs, he became more intrigued.

school bus home

Living mortgage free and having the ability to travel is what we both dream of doing for the next few years. I know living in a tiny home, an RV or a bus may not be for everyone… I can understand that. But for us its exciting. Eventually we want the tiny home on the lake with the big garden and the chickens, but for now, for the next few years a bus would serve great purpose to us as we travel through America.

I am all but still day dreaming and thinking up a storm on this bus idea and we want to travel the world first. But if others can do it, so can we. Society tells us we need to buy big home, have a nice car and fancy things … but in reality those things clutter your mind and empty your wallet. We want to live in happiness and freedom and make amazing memories.

I pitched the idea to friends and family and seriously got mixed reactions… Let me know your thoughts below?

school bus home transformation



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  • Hi Tiffany,

    This sounds great! It’s something my partner and I looked into. As we’re from the UK, we had a limited visa in the US and Canada, and there were rules that made it very difficult to buy a vehicle. After looking into rental costs for a van we decided it was actually too expensive, so backpacked for our three month trip.

    Now we live without a fixed home, going between housesits from country to country. We’re currently in India for a few months. This post has re-ignited our thoughts of owning a bus–these pictures are great–and travelling in Europe.

    One day, when we ‘settle down’, this dream could be something we also choose. Mortgage free living – hooray to that!

    Check out lightweight.life to read our adventures. And thanks for the Twitter follow 🙂

    • Hi Janine,

      So glad I could re-ignite one of your many dreams. We are constantly looking for new ways of traveling and experiencing the world. How has house-sitting gone for you? We can’t wait to visit India! Which part of India are you located?

  • I sold my house, and with the money, I am conferting a small school bus into a tiny house. I am so excited to get to travel in it!

    • That’s amazing!! We are so proud of you Kristina and wish you the best in your adventures. Please let us know how it went! We would love to post your story on our blog.

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