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Starting a Professional Successful Travel Blog in 10 Easy Steps

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Written by Trevor

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s really hard to get a successful blog started when you have never started one before.

Or is it…
Well, it turns out, with this simple guide you can get it started faster and easier than you think in 10 easy steps to start making you money.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you exactly how to get up and running fast! You will be on your way to travel blogging success in no time! And best of all make it a travel blog business and eventually a company!

We get a lot of questions regarding how to start a travel blog, so we decided to lay it all out on the table for your guys. We really want you to get a jump start on the road to travel success. If you don’t follow these rules you may be setting yourself up for a long hard expensive trip ahead.

If you really want to make traveling a full time gig then you really need to focus on at least one aspect while traveling that will bring in the funds to continue traveling as long as possible.

I have worked online for the past 8 years and learned a lot doing so. The online world is a massive learning curve and following the guide below will make that curve a lot less steep for you.


Step 1: Choosing the right name for you and your adventure/travel blog
Step 2: Choosing a free blog or paid
Step 3: How To Buy A Domain
Step 4: Which Host To Choose and How to Register
Step 5: How to Setup WordPress(The Easy Way)
Step 6: How to Setup Your Own Personal Domain Email
Step 7: Setting up Your Social Accounts
Step 8: Personalize All of Your Social Accounts
Step 9: Which WordPress Plugins Should You Have
Step 10: Stay Active and Produce Content

Starting a Professional Successful Travel Blog in 10 Steps

Step 1: Choosing the right name for you and your adventure/travel blog

Choosing a name that suits your adventure is very, very important. Some travelers make the big mistake of choosing a name that will not grow with them if they decide to take a slightly different path.

For instance they might choose a name like “The Asian Adventure” or “Camping around the world”(Yeah I know these are terrible names, I made them up on the fly). As you can see these names can’t grow if you want to travel elsewhere or decide to write about other things not related to the location or type of travel. Even if you think you will stay in one place and around that place I highly suggest picking a name that doesn’t involve a location or specific type of travel.

You also want to take into account the authority travel bloggers out there and make sure that your name is way off theirs or you are likely to fall below them. This may lead you to failure as it would be very hard to grow bigger than them especially if they have a massive following already.

Sometimes the best names have no words related to travel in them and since so many of those are taken it’s not a bad idea to stay away from worlds like travel, adventure, nomad, wanderlust, etc. I won’t get into to much detail on what your name should be but I would spend quite some time brainstorming this as you don’t want to change this mid way through and lose a lot of the work you have already put in.

Hint: Thesaurus is a great tool to give you some brainstorming ideas, maybe ask your friends for name suggestions

After selecting your top 5 name ideas go to and make sure it is available on atleast the top social networks and .com. Top social platforms would be Twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google +, Instagram and YouTube.

Step 2: Choosing a Free or Paid Blog

This isn’t really a step but It needed to be mentioned. You need to ask yourself 1 question. Are you serious about making travel blogging your income and career or is this just a phase? If it’s a phase go ahead and choose one of the many free options like or If you are serious move on to Step 3.

Step 3: How To Buy A Domain

There are a lot of choices when choosing where to buy your domain. The most well known(but not always the best) is GoDaddy. Another one of my favourites is NameCheap. However you can also purchase the domain when you are registering your hosting provider(See in Step 4).

When purchasing your domain I highly suggest go to and installing this addon for your browser. This will save you money by finding any current coupon codes from around the web with sweet deals.

Step 4: Which Host To Choose and How to Register

Throughout my 8 years online I have tried many hosts including but not limited to: Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator and more. From my experience with usuability, price and customer service my favourite by far is Bluehost.

Click Get Started Now

Choosing hosting provider

Select the ‘Starter Plan’

selecting your hosting plan


Enter the domain you would like to purchase or enter the domain that you already purchased through Namecheap or other provider.

enter domain or purchase domain

From here the rest of registration is really straightforward.

Step 5: How to Setup WordPress(The Easy Way)

You have a few options when setting up your website but if you want a beautiful website that is easy to manage with little to no experience WordPress is your best bet.

After finishing your purchase of the hosting account you will be sent a link to what is called a ‘cpanel’ which will look like this.

Select the ‘Install WordPress’ icon

Bluehost Cpanel and WordPress


Select ‘Install’

Select Install

Your domain should already be selected

Select your domain

You may choose whether you want or from the drop down menu.

Then Click ‘Check Domain’

Click Advanced options

Enter your site name (This can be changed later)

Enter username and password

This will be sent to you via email

Check off I have read …

Then Click Install Now

Enter username and password


While your site is being installed and configured you may look through paid themes. A theme is a template you can install on your site to make your site look similar in design but you can still make it your own.There are many free themes, that can be installed within your site however if you would like to purchase themes a great place to start is Themeforest.

While installing wordpress

Below is a short video explaining how to install your theme.

After the install your theme will be uploaded but it is not likely to look like the demo example on Themeforest. However within your zip folder there is a file called ‘Documentation’. This file will walk you through how to use the theme and make it look the way you want. I wish I could walk everyone through their theme but since they are all different I really can’t. 🙁

If you have any questions about this please comment below and I will help as much as possible.

Now you have a website!!!!! WOOOOOOO!

You are off to a fantastic start!

Step 6: How to Setup Your Own Personal Domain Email

Go back to cpanel and click email

setting up a personal domain email



Enter the details of your email.

You can enter or or

 entering new email information

The easiest way to access this email is to use a program like Thunderbird or Outlook. These program make it easy to manage several emails from the same location.

Here is a quick video on how to download and setup thunderbird

Step 7: Setting up Your Social Accounts


It is important to keep all of your usernames the same on all platforms.

Most of the social accounts are pretty straight forward but here is a list to get you started (Must be used from your phone or app) have a gmail account) with your Google + account)


Facebook is a bit different than the others. So I will walk you through it.

Login to your facebook account as usual(if you don’t have an account signup at

In your sidebar you will see a spot that says ‘Pages’

Below that you will see ‘Create Page’

Click it

how to create a facebook page

From their you are most likely going to be an ‘Artist, Brand or Public Figure’

artist brand or public figure

For the Category I would select ‘Entertainer or Blogger’ I will leave this decision up to you.

Then Click ‘Get Started’ and fill out as much information as possible.

After all of this Voila! You have your own facebook page! Yay!

Caution: Do not spam your friends immediately(wait till you have everything setup and content on your website).

Step 8: Personalize All of Your Social Accounts


Online, it is very important to look like a million bucks. If you website or social accounts look like crap this immediately reflects on your importance and web presence. If you want people to like, share, visit your social media accounts or website you must look great! This will take some effort so don’t get down if this takes you a long time. The longer it takes and the more you perfect it, the more it will save you time and effort in the long run.

You may use our social accounts as a reference but I highly suggest you look around at others well.

Step 9: Which WordPress Plugins Should You Have


Contact Form 7 – This will allow you to easily setup a contact form on your website that will let users send messages to your email.

Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin works on it’s own, however it will help your site show up in the search engine more often.

WordPress SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization which is very, very important for your website. I could go on and on about why but that will be a whole different article. Installing this plugin will do most of the work for you but make sure you do not miss out on this plugin.

There are many other plugins which you will need but they will be based on the need of your site. For instance: social plugins, picture plugins and many more.

Step 10: Stay Active and Produce Content


Last step to the start of the rest of your life! Yay!!!

You now have your site designed and social media accounts all perdy. Now what…

You will need to give your website some life so depending on the direction you plan on heading you need to write articles, post pictures, make videos and whatever entertaining things you can think of. Post these things to your website and then share them on your social accounts.

Alright time to get social! Ok so you have zero followers, likes etc. How do you get some followers on Twitter or some interest in any of your social accounts?

You need to put yourself in another users shoes. You think you have awesome content but why would they believe you, they don’t know you. The key to getting people to see your stuff, like your stuff or even share your stuff is trust.

How do I get other social users to trust me?

In order to get someone to trust you or your account you have to build relationships. The more relationships you build the more your content will be seen and more people may share or retweet it.

To start building a relationship with someone you will have to follow them, like there stuff, leave a comment and eventually send them a message introducing yourself. This is a long process but can be done over a long period of time. Also a great way to find people visiting the same place as you and possibly meet them in person.

Other travel bloggers may not let you know this but, it is not easy. It is a lot of work to setup. However once it is setup all you will really have to do is create content and talk to others on social media. Keep at that and the money will come.

Please note that affiliate links are used in this post. If you purchase some of the products recommended, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. By purchasing items through our affiliate links, you’ll help reduce the ever-increasing expenses of running this site. Thanks!  


If you have any questions or need anymore tips please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.




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  • As a newbie, I mean a real newbie, I so appreciate your information. I’m moving forward with my blog this weekend. Scared but EXCITED! Thank you!

  • Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for the step-by-step process of creating a professional website. The screenshots are very helpful!
    Just wondering: if I was to purchase a host via Bluehost and has an existing wordpress blog – can I migrate my content over?

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  • Thanks for the Advise and data. It’s useful for me as a new blogger. Finally I choose WordPress self hosted as per your recommendation.

    • Yes and it is fairly easy depending on the platform used in free hosting but most will work. All of the content should be transferred with comments and media.

  • Thanks for this article. By the way, would it be okay if I start blogging with a free account and decide later on hosting the blog? Will the transition be easy enough to migrate from a free account to a paid one? Hope you could shed light on the query. Thank you.

    • Most definitely, the easiest way to do this is to start with a blog and then later on migrate using the built in export/import tools. If done perfectly it can take less than 5 minutes! Happy blogging!

  • Hi i am looking into starting a blog. I am based in England so would there be extra costs added onto monthly fee? Thanks

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