Our Adventure To The Coors Light Mystery Mansion

Written by Trevor

So we were lucky enough to be invited to the Coors Light Mystery Mansion. You know that one, the party from the commercial. The party most males will see during a hockey, football, baseball game commercial and think, wow I wonder how freaking awesome that party is! Yeah that one. Well we were invited and I am going to tell you exactly what to expect at one. Sorry for the bad quality photos. Cellphones aren’t the greatest for dark shots and we were there to party.

5:30pm Saturday December 12, 2015

We arrive at the hotel in which we are instructed to first head to the front desk to grab our room keys and inform them who our other guests are in case they are locked out at some point. We are also instructed that the buses to the mansion will leave at 8:45pm. Next we are sent to the check in desk in which we were to sign a release form, since they were filming a commercial that night. If you were 25 and over you were required to take a picture with your name in order to confirm to the video editor, lawyers etc. That you are legally allowed to be holding a beer in the commercial. Alright time to PARTY!!!!


Head up to the rooms. Open the door with the hopes of something epic in the room! WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE?!?!?!?!?

4 beers…



Beers are gone. “Wanna hit up a bar and waste 2 hours?”


Arrive at “The Bear & Kilt“, one of our favourite pubs in the city of Calgary. Grab some beers and grub.

Waiting for the bus!


Get on the bus!



Get off the bus! Around the corner from the hotel. “Why didn’t we just walk?” Screw it lets just party!


Wait in line to get in, excitement building!!


9:00 – This will be the second last time stamp as the time was now irrelevant.
We are in, our keys are checked with a special flashlight and we are handed a laminated pass which will be punched each time we receive a drink.


Cool violin dude rocking out.


Handed a beer. “Didn’t punch the card yet…SWEET!” Wait, wait no it’s already punched…

Now that we were in it was time to discover everything! On our left was a woman doing contortion along with some food to her left.


On our right was the gambling room. Sounds like a great idea! Love gambling, especially with free money. Win! Alright that’s enough of that for now lets go explore what else this ‘Mansion’ has to offer.


Head upstairs to find a bar area overlooking downstairs. Oh and also there are a few naked women painted silver. Still unsure if this counts as naked.

naked-lady-at-the-mystery-mansion naked-lady-at-the-mystery-mansion2

Continue to the back of the bar area to climb some more stairs. Enter into a gamer’s heaven. A four screen display Mario Kart battle on the wall. Whac a mole, bubble hockey table, skee ball and some driving games! What do we play first?!?! Oh and there were bowls of candy all over the room. We probably could of died if we ate all of the skittles in just the one bowl.

mario-kart-at-the-mansionwhack a mole

IMG_2209Alright that’s enough of the game room for now, it was pretty busy and we wanted to gamble some more.

We headed back to the tables where we started playing some blackjack and roulette. This is the time we found out about “The Keys”. Why did it take us this long to figure out about the keys?!?!


There were these metal keys that random people that were working the event had. The objective was to collect as many keys as you could by completing tasks and winning hands/bets. As soon as we found this out we were on a mission. Unfortunately we found out about these keys a bit late but we still wanted to see what we could get. We bet and we bet and collected and collected. Soon the tables were out of keys so we went to find some more. Upstairs we found another room we had missed with a secret little door. We each were able to open the door and inside was an ice cold Coors Altitude with some keys!

getting an altitude from the tiny secret door

We continued to look for keys but unfortunately we could not find anymore so we handed them in at the key counter and were told we had 52 keys. While we were walking around I happened to run into another group who were also collecting keys as a group. I asked how many they collected and quickly found out they crushed us with a whopping 200 keys! Clearly they would be the $5000 winner at the end. Congrats to them, that was pretty awesome!

The night continued into the club area in which there were ladies hanging from fabric from the roof doing all sorts of tricks. Along with that was the unknown DJ, which I never got the name of but he did a pretty solid job.


After this is was pretty well a dance off till the end at 2am.

picture of the stage at the mystery mansion in calgary yyc

From there we stumbled back to the hotel and that was the end of the night for us.

I hope this clears up exactly what a Coors Light Mystery Mansion party is like. Not exactly what we were expecting but still a decent party none the less.

Party on ladies & gents! We would like to thank Coors Light Canada for the invite!





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